Nerf Nalfar and Usara [EFFORT POST]

litterly Usara is op using magnet field and robobomb as the robo will hone to the enemy
Nalfar can get over 20000 hp just for the cost of 6.3k

nerf usara robo damage
nerf nalfar price to 9k or more

I know this will get hated by the nalfar nons in the discourse (no offense)

? Why should they get nerfed? Yes, if used correctly they can be really powerful, but they require skill to pull those moves off.

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And even unbeatable))

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Yes, I suppose.
PS: Happy Cakeday.

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happy cake day alex


for nalfar, 20 gold (soldier) is 200 hp per soldier so…
200/20 = 10
thats 10hp per gold
and boss star 4 gives about 1 gold per 0.4 seconds
thats 25 hp per second with boss star 4
and it also increases power.
skeletons have good hp and damage
so sacrificing 1 gives a INSANE boost
if you check dueling grounds you will notice that most of them have nalfar
tl;dr sacrifice is too op nerf it

now usara

robobombs cost NOTHING just have a cooldown
they do 1000 damage aoe
that can clear almost 5 burls or 15 soldiers
the cooldown IS ONLY 10 SECONDS (i think)
magnet field attracts the entitys around it that means its basicly honing for arrows/missiles and its free damage for yetis and burls as they move so fast the wizard missiles can not hit them
AGAIN this is AoE in a large raidius

tl;dr Nerf the aoe on robobomb and nerf the strength or field of effect on magnet field

(i spent like 10 mins on this post wth)

this is the rank using just cast and attack

this is against the first person in dueling grounds


What about the others on the leaderboard. If you beat one it doesn’t mean you’ll beat all of them.


In my op, Nalfar/Usara have the most “varied” plan of attack.

  1. They have abilities that can quickly change the tide of the battle.
  2. Most “Combo’s”

Also, happy b day @Alexbrand !

I could beat the 5th in ranking (a game that i dont remember) and i coulnt beat the guy right behind me in ranking

It’s easy to program a code against a single person, but harder to make one for thousands.

Actually the best hero is probably Anya if you’re clever enough like Alexbrand. :stuck_out_tongue: Usara is pretty expensive so it makes sense that she’s pretty powerful. Nalfar’s only good in endurance fights and not one on one duels so I feel like nerfing would make Nalfar pretty pointless.

I just want to ask but, is Tharin’s hitbox bigger than Anya’s?

anya,alejandro,ida,tharin whts the diffirence
all i know is that Ida is ugly

Pretty amazing how brains changes everything.
Play smarter, not harder
-Someone i dont remember

Maybe ,I turn on something i think its ctrl+\ or smth after you can see the hitbox and stuff. But i dont think it really maters cause its probably like a 1mm difference.

It was a joke. All starter heroes have the same stats and everything. :joy:

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Oh ok i get it now :rofl:. (Not very good with common sense ig)