New and Updated Boomrod!

The once unused weapon, The Boomrod, has received a giant buff! Instead of occasionally shooting a few bullets, it now acts as a close-range, high-damage shotgun! Here are the new stats of this weapon:

At first glance, it may look like a nerf. However, instead of it being able to scattershot once every 6 seconds, it can now scattershot every 1.5 seconds! The Boomrod acts as a shotgun, dealing impressive amounts of damage at close range as it now shoots 25 pellets(Each dealing 7.2 damage) in a 38˚ arc. Due to these changes, the level requirement is now the same as Kithsteel blade, and pricing is increased to 1500 :gem:.

Note to all previous owners: If you purchased this weapon before the changes, you can use the BUFFED version for FREE!

See y’all on the ladders!

#MOARBULLETS :slight_smile: