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New feature - Help to i18n


Possible feature for i18n - new type Help ( translation of Help texts for levels )

Maybe ‘Overview’ description == Help but i don`t see english “Overview” description …

Translation is lost in i18n …


This is my first day translating, and I scratched my head a little bit on the “overview” part that was left blank (no english, nor translated text) in most translation pages I’ve shuffled through. I would like to translate the text you get when clicking on the blue help button in any level (between the editor and the function list), but I have yet to understand how.


My patch was accepted but help is still english…


I think it was translated as the old form, where the property was description instead of body, so it didn’t show up. (I recently renamed it in the i18n editor.) I moved it and now it’s working: