Translation bug(s)? Or update issue?

I (as well as some others I work with) distinguished 4 issues within the i18n page:

1. Mismatch In-level sentence.
At least at one point the translation from the i18n page is not implemented in the level (in this case: ‘Closing the Distance’), even though the level is marked ‘translated’ on i18n. As you can see in the following images, the sentence that is marked red within the level is actually translated, but still shows the English text:

Image of level:

Image of i18n corresponding sentence:

**2. Mismatch map name.** Again a mismatch between i18n, and in this case a level-name

Haunted Kithmaze (level name with Dutch language-settings)

i18n page showing Dutch name (‘Spookachtig Kithmaze’):

**3. Mismatch in i18n-page itself.** The next bug seems to be a i18n internal issue. As the overview page (the general list) shows the Dutch name of the level being: "Loop De Loop" (with an E), while the specific translation folder for this level shows the Dutch name being: "Loop Da Loop" (with an A)

General list’ LoopDaLoop’ (showing an E):

Specific folder ‘LoopDaLoop’ (showing an A):

**4. No-update in un-/finished-mark i18n-page.** Finally there are some translation folders that simply will never be marked 'translated'. This goes especially for the campaign names. But also for 2 level components (1. Has Effect; 2. Moves). In addition whenever I refresh the i18n page, it almost always gives me another status on the list. Sometimes it says only 5 levels are translated, other times it says 20+ are translated. This is really confusing and might discourage other people to contribute to the translation process.

This image shows the campaigns (as well as the before-mentioned level-components) marked ‘not translated’:

While this image of the folder of Campaign ‘Desert’ clearly shows all fields filled:

Further thoughts

  • The campaign issue has been playing for quite a while now. I’d say at least 2-3 months.
  • I’m not sure if these problems are temporarily because of some adoption/implementation time. If so, this could discourage contributors since they might perceive their contribution is a possible waist, due to the lack of correct system feedback.
  • One remarkable thing is that some of the levels that I translated, actually were implemented more or less directly.

    Any thoughts?
  1. If you aren’t using the default code, then you have to hit “Reload” in the upper right to get back to the default code before it will replace comments with updated translation strings. I see the Dutch strings working now in Closing the Distance:
  1. The campaign map doesn’t update as often since there’s an additional caching layer; I’ve just gone and saved it, so those should be up-to-date now.

  2. Weird; are there other examples of this bug? Was it a submitted patch or an auto-accepted change?

  3. I think campaigns never mark themselves as fully translated. Do they actually show the translations in game for the components that weren’t updating?

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Thanks for the reply.

  1. Clear.

  2. Indeed updated after your save. Clear.

  3. The level ‘Enemy Mine’ gives the same mismatch problem.
    (a) Also, both these levels have the ‘submit changes’ button highlighted when I enter the folder, even though I didn’t change anything.
    (b) What’s worse, is that I translated the content of the ‘Enemy Mine’ folder (of about two hours ago from my laptop. When I logged in and opened the same folder on my desktop (a couple of seconds ago), most of the changes were gone.
    © The same applies for the level ‘Loop Da Loop’ some textfields with numbers in front have become empty again.

Here’s an image of some of these problems:

4. The campaign names do match indeed, my bad. Clear.

I looked into this. I believe this was because you switched machines. When you make edits, they’re saved in two places:

  1. On your local machine
  2. As a patch on our server

While your changes are pending for review, you can only see them on the same machine you submitted them on, or by checking the list of patches in the editor. Now that those patches have been accepted, you can see your edits on the i18n page on any machine. Changes are visible from any source. Go to the patches tab and you can see your changes under the ‘accepted’ section.

This page needs updating, it should load a patch and, for each text entry, display any pending changes and that they’re pending. I’ll add this to our TODOs.