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Part of help text missing in i18n. Discovered in an article. How to translate?


In Dungeons of Kithgard level there is a page 3 and 4 in help menu. Page 3 is called ‘Calling Methods’. In i18n the help page 3 and 4 can not be found and hense, they can not be translated.

I found out that the help page No 3 delivered a text of an article “Methods: Calling”. Is there a way to translate the article and the rest of the help text?


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How to translate Articles

That is a question for our leader of code @nick

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You might want to have a look at this thread: How to translate Articles.

I put a little text there, describing how to translate articles. That would probably solve your problems with pages 3 and 4 you are missing.

The pages you mentioned are the articles “Methods: Calling” and “Game: Movement (Simple)”