New game. The race in the mountains

Huge thanks to @RangerGrant9307 for inspiration. I am not a seasoned artisan so thair might be some bugs. I would appreciate feedback. the-race-in-the-mountains


You haven’t published the game yet.
Please publish it.
Go to the upper right corner, and click the thing that looks like a bookshelf.
Check the publish button, and click save.
Here is a github article to teach you, as I am not very good at explaning lol

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Three major issues:

  • The hero is equipped with a ranger weapon, when Pender is a wizard.
  • Simple CPU AI code is broken.
  • If the enemy player dies before the player can reach the goal, the level is marked as “incomplete”

Some design feedback:

  • Extend the goal trigger to cover the entire “human base” to avoid edge-cases.
  • Possibly randomize layout so players would have to use non-hard-coded solutions.
  • Take a look at the level referee code, and add something new :slight_smile:
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Some more feedback:
There is no ogre base.
Why does the ladder say Zero Sum?
Can’t someone on humans team simply command all the humans?
Blue has major disadvantidge, because no allies:
Look at the hints:
Why does it say zero sum?
But yeah, cool level in general

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Thank you for the feedback.

I think I have mostly cleared up the bugs in the game, but I don’t know how to randomize the placement of the obstacles (I will be trying to find out how to do that).


this might help

I have added a field of yaks and randomized them.