Should I buy the Morning's Edge

I think you are right but to be a sticker you can’t do something exactly so it might last for 0.0000000000001 more of a second then you want it to or at least the graphics say that.

I never mentioned how long it lasted, @Dragonlouis asked what is flash duration.

wait, what? no, I meant how long would enemies have the action “idle”?

I think it is 3.75. That is how long the enemy is disabled

oh. yeah. right. pfffffffffft.

Guys look at this I am going to loose my mind Omarn Ability Rework

I know, I already liked!
It’s awesome, heal, speed, still has explosive awesommmeeeee

I am so happy I bought orman now I am going to dominate the brawls.

hmmm… I think ritic will still smash. How much dmg does the potion do anyway?

lol, I have 145 gems… not enough for anything good.

The explosive ability thing does 75 AoE damage.

I know but orman will still have 75dmg for throw. Brew makes your hero deal more damage, it heals your hero, and it does 75 AoE damage also.

I don’t have enough for Omarn…
If I can get Omarn or Senick, which should I get?

It is okay if you have Nalfar or Pender you should be good. I think you should still get Senick since he is cheaper and he can heal himself through battle.

lol, I have Ms. Hushbaum, Pender, Nalfar, Zana, and Ritic.

I think you should get Senick. Nalfar will still be better than Orman. Why brew when you can just devour or sacrifice a ally for damage and health.

I have 145 gems, and I keep failing my brawls…

You don’t really need them I think you should save up for future items not heroes.


I use morning’s edge and it’s great.