Once I've built my own level

If I design and build my own levels, will I be able to setup a free class for my students to complete the level?

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I think so. You can even setup a free class for the original campaign.


I’m not sure. You should probably contact support@codecombat.com to find out before you spend ages making the levels :smile:.
@Chaboi_3000 might also know.

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Thanks @Mumbo_6 and @Deadpool198.

I think I will contact support just to check!


No Problem! Glad I could help. :smile:

If you build the level within the level editor, you can Publish the level and your class will be able to play it using a campaign/individual account
If you are trying to create levels within the Game Development Course, at the end of each unit, you’ll be able to access a “Create your own Level” course that lets you create your own custom levels, and once you’ve completed creating it, you’ll receive a link that allows other people with that link to try out your game.