Our Coco T-Shirts

My daughter and I just finished making ourselves some t-shirts. It was a lot of work to make these and we’re not making any more so please don’t ask.

The thug life.


Dang. That looks exactly like the actual coco shirts that the team uses.


I asked Maka a couple of years ago if CoCo sold tshirts and he told me no. I can’t imagine why any company wouldn’t want to merchandise their brand but it’s not my decision to make. If CoCo sold them, I’d be happy to buy them. It would be a heck of a lot easier than making them. But since we were making custom shirts, we included the Python logo as well. I think it compliments the design really well. We went to DefCon again this year and we’ll probably go again next year. We’ll be wearing these shirts when we do. I’m constantly promoting CodeCombat to schools, parents, and anyone who’s interested in programming, so the shirt is a great addition to my tech-oriented wearables.


@MunkeyShynes in case you’re wondering, back when CoCo was still in beta and a new startup, CoCo’s co-founders Nick and George were wearing CoCo t-shirts in a Y-Combinator interview:


CoCo Merchandise?

Left said is Nick, and Right side is George right?

They sometimes give away t-shirts and CoCo merch in the booth at events. They’re not for sale though:

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I would love to buy the t-shirts if it’s available. (unless costs too much)