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Over the garden wall


there are no achievements so you do not get rewarded

please fix it @nick or @UltCombo


I decided to totally immobilize everyone


#“Eat this!” :laughing:


Indeed, the level is still missing achievements.

/ccing @Bryukh and @Serg as I believe they are more in the level development area.

By the way, that level name reference hahah. :smile:


It does have an achievement, not sure why it isn’t triggering.


I just had the achievement unlock now while I was just navigating the site (more specifically, in the level editor). Did you change something?


The “Over the Garden Wall Complete” achievement is showing in my profile, but it seems I didn’t get any gems.


Nope, didn’t change anything, didn’t save anything. I’ll try to save the achievement and see if that helps.


Apart from the achievement not unlocking upon level completion, here are a few more observations:

  • Every unit in the level (friends, enemies) is called “Game”.
  • In the game’s methods documentation, perhaps it should read game instead of hero. See the screenshot: