Parent, trying to add child account?

Hi -

I’m an IT (network) professional, trying to sign my child up for an account on codecombat.
He is 8, and has been told “have your parent create an account for you”

I have created myself an account on codecombat, but don’t see a link to "create and manage a child account"
as seems to be implied by the popup Daniel gets when he tries to create an account?

How do I “create a child account” as a parent?
If not that, how do I create an account for an 8 year old?

Thanks, Tim

Figured it out –

Looks like I can become a teacher, as a parent, and create classes and invite the kids.

Yeah, that’s one way to handle it. Otherwise you just create an account. There are no child/parent accounts.

@nick @maka Is there anything stopping a child with a subscriber account from buying gems without parent consent?

Your children will still need their own accounts, even if you go the class method – the accounts are used to record their progress.

You need to create these accounts, entering your own birthdate, then share them with your children.

In answer to your question, John, the gem purchase would require the user to enter a credit card number in order to make that purchase.

So the parent must re-enter the credit card details on the Child’s account?
Surely the Teacher/Class mode also for centralized billing at the Teacher level?
Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

It depends on what we’re you’re trying to do.

If you have set up a class with yourself as the teacher then you will need to create student accounts for your children. All students can automatically access CS1. If you want licenses to access our additional courses, you will need to contact us to purchase them. You can email to do that. We will then send you an invoice, which you can pay with a credit card or PayPal.

However, that’s not what I recommend to most parents.

For someone teaching their own children, I generally recommend the home game over the classroom. You won’t need the student tracking features, and with the home game, your child will get more total levels. If you purchase access to premium material, they will also get additional heroes, hero types (rangers and wizards), premium-only items, as well as access to premium content like the Web and Game Development classes.

You would need to create an account for your child to use – you only need a separate account for your child if you also want to play yourself. Finally, you would purchase a subscription for your child on their account, not yours (this is different from the teacher-student method) by visiting the subscription page:



By home game you mean the github running on a server?

I am looking for a simple way to manage my own kids and their progress?
Do i need to create accounts for each child?
How do I then see progress as a parent?

How do I know what I get in the plan? Ie how many lessons?


Hello @MattB71, and welcome to the forum! I think if you read the previous posts, you’ll find your answer.