Confused Parent of Homeschoolers

We homeschool our two kids. One child is 7 and one is 10, so only one of them fits within the guideline ages, but they like trying the same stuff. (I’m also comfortable with early exposure, even if the younger decides not to do anything there for a time.)

How do I get the most out of Code Combat?

Do sign them both up with “Individual” accounts that use my email address?

Is there any concept of parent/child so I can monitor their progress?



Hi yam655! Welcome to Discourse.

I started teaching my daughter coding when she was in the first grade. The only prerequisite is the ability to read. Getting the most out of Code Combat just involves doing it. Learn the concepts each level is designed to teach and try not to take short cuts just to finish a level. Each child will need their own account. The best deal is the lifetime access, which has all the subscriber levels. You can always use the free version, but it doesn’t have as many levels to help drive the concepts home. Also, subscribers have access to contact the Code Combat staff for assistance.

I believe that there is a way to sign up as a teacher and then have your children as students where you can monitor their progress from a central point. I’ve never used this so I can’t be much help with how this works. @stephanie is the Customer Support Representative and liaison here. She can be of more assistance with the use of the teacher/student setup.

BTW, I am a volunteer moderator on this board and a user of Code Combat. This is the place to ask for assistance if you get stuck on a level.

Good luck and have fun!


Thanks for the intro @MunkeyShynes!

@yam655 there are two paths to take here:

(1) You can create two individual accounts –

(2) You can create a teacher account –

  • then your children can create student accounts by joining your class
  • they will not need to have an email address to create a student account
  • full access to CS1 is free to teachers and students alike
  • there is a cost to access courses beyond CS1

The path you choose will depend on what is more important to you. We have more game play options in the home version which is accessible via an individual account. In the classroom version, what it lacks in game play options it makes up for in student tracking features.

Hope this helps to give you a better idea of what direction you would be more interested in. You can email support directly with additional questions at :slightly_smiling_face: