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Any family account options?


I have two sons that I’m teaching coding to, and this looks like a useful site. Are the any options for families, say maybe a teacher account that’s just the three of us, myself as the teacher? The website doesn’t really have any information on this.



@nick could you help with this



any news on this topic? I have three boys and they all would like to play the game



I think maybe @maka would be a better person to ask, he’s the customer consultant, he should know what to do, and he should see this notificaiton I’ve sent him (by putting@) pretty soon.
I hope you find a solution and your boys enjoy this great game.
:lion: :lion: :lion:

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Hi @Thomas_Klimach,

At this time, we do not have anything built for families. The easiest would be to treat it as a class. Sign up for a teacher account and set your children up as students. This will let you monitor their progress as they play. If you all enjoy the free course, you could purchase licenses to the rest of the content. This license is $70 per year OR $50 per year for 2 or more students (additional discounts are available for schools and districts).

The downside to the classroom is it lacks some of the game features of the individual version of the game. No items, which includes pets, no gems (which you won’t need since there’s no items), and no access to additional types of heroes (wizards and rangers).

If you decide on the individual version instead, you’ll lose the ability to track progress. These accounts are $9.99 per month, or $99 for a Lifetime Membership (which is 17% off the first year, and 68% off if they play for 2 years). More details are on this page:


Thanks for pinging me, Deadpool!

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That’s fine, I’m glad you replied so quickly.



The truth is I rarely have time to browse through Discourse, so the pings are helpful. Thanks again.



Hi @maka
thanks for your promt answer. I already bought the lifetime account (partly because i hoped my sons would stick to the game and partly to support your good work) and my oldest son is “working” through the first worlds. But now my second son wanted to go after his older brother. So i tried to create a second account with my email which was not possible.

The idea to create a teacher account did not occur to me, As the boys are 3 years apart i thought i could just reset the game after the first is finished and then the second (and later the third) could have a fresh start but as always they prefer to do it in parallel.

Thanks anyway and keep up the good work.




@Thomas_Klimach - send me an email ( – I can help you create additional accounts if you want to go down the Lifetime Membership path.

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Hi @maka

I registered an account for my son, but now I am also considering getting the Lifetime Membership for our family. Additional accounts is one option, but it would be even greater if there was a game menu where you could save and load games and start a new game with new hero, would save you and your colleagues from manual labor in the long run. Do you think that would be a viable solution?

Cheers kk



Hello @kuningaskoodi,
Please contact, and send a request there. Thanks.