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Is the support team of CodeCombat still work?

I paid $99 USD to through PayPal about 5 days ago, but I didn’t get any response from the support team till now. I just wonder if the support team still work now?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Need help with payment or prefer PayPal? Email

HI @brotherofall, thanks for your help, I emailed 5 days ago, but there is no response from them.
My son is waiting anxiously to play it, and he asked me everyday when he can play :frowning:

Hi @hujuncheng, I’m sorry about the delay. I think it’s probably something to do with the Easter holidays. The support team may not be be back for another week. I’m not sure that’s the problem, but normally they do seem to reply a bit quicker than that.
Sorry again

Hi @Deadpool198 thanks for your prompt reply, that’s all right, wish you have good holidays.

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