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Pets aren't working...Edit: New Bugs topic created

Why can’t I use the animals I’m earning

Do you have access to premium?

no, i don’t have premium

Okay. You can earn the basic pets, but in order to use them you will need Premium.

how do you get pets you can use without premium

You can’t, it’s impossible. That’s one of the reasons people buy premium after all. They have to make money somehow.

I found a way to. i dragged it to the box where the pet goes and it works

wait, wut? How the heck did you do that? gimme a sec

Oh jeez, you’re right! You just found a glitch!

will i get banned for it

No, not at all! The devs love it when these are found.

why do the love gliltches

Well for me, in code that I’ve developed (not a dev here tho), someone finding a glitch allows me the opportunities to both fix it, and hopefully learn from it, so that I can avoid doing the same thing somewhere else.

ok, how do you report it though

There is a special category for just that, called ‘Bugs’. I have moved this discussion there for you. I’d recommend creating a new post/reply, summarizing the issue you are seeing and what you’ve found as a workaround.