Pokemon fans but no haters

They don’t care Jesus

and stop being a hater

I’m afraid they might care.
You can talk in pms or if you like pokemon a lot you can go to the pokemon topic.


I did not start it is Vanessa

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Ok whatever, just drop it.
Stop holding a grudge.

I’m saying is not my fault

Just drop it.
Fine, maybe Vanessa started it but you contributed.
Let’s just drop this and you could talk on the pokemon topic.

I’m just depressed just stop

And my life is so hard for me

Vanessa is annoying jesus

Ok, dude please stop hating on other people.
Your life may be hard but others’ are too.

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fine but I’m just annoyed

She is not being a hater. She’s telling you that you’re actually breaking the rules by creating topics that already exist. There is already a Pokémon topic, see:

Read the rules to know what’s right or wrong. And remember, nobody here is a hater.


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okay okay i will stop being rude but I just hate my self

I hate myself and my life

and i just annoyed too

You shouldn’t. You’re lucky to be alive.

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I have a half Depressed live

I know i know i just have a half depressed life

So that why i’m rude cause i have a depressed life