Questions about translating


Thanks, I’ve activated those two levels now as well. (You do it from the level editor, but the interface is broken, so I’ve been manually doing it.) Let me know if you spot any more that are missing so I can enable them.


I am missing level Rich Forager in the i18n editor.
I am missing Goal name in level Hold the Forrest Pass in the i18n editor:

I am missing all Goal names in level Siege of Sonehold in the i18n editor.


I’ve activated those now, too–thanks!


I am missing Level name in level Hold the Forrest Pass in the i18n editor.


Ah, got that one, too!


ThangType - Worker`s Gloves
Level The Great Yak Stampede - Level name, Code comment and Sprite text.
Level Keeping Time - Code comment
Level Crag Tag
Level Clash of Clones
Level Cavern Survival - 2x the same Code comment for

  • Stay alive longer than the enemy hero!
  • Devise your own strategy. Be creative!

Error loading from server (Level) You do not have the permissions

Level 100
Level Battle for Westnot
Level Little Grove Dungeon
Level rumble_in_the_jungle_05
Level Personal Sarven Treasure Testing Grounds
Level Personal Backwoods Brawl Testing Grounds
Level NewTestingGround

Level Doom Glade - Is this not only auditionslevel ?
Level Battle for the Coin Towers - Is this not only auditionslevel ?
Level Attack Wisely is not in Dungeon
Level Cavern Survival 2 is not in Dungeon
Level Sky Span - this level don`t work

Achievement Harvest Time Completed - level Harvest Time don`t work


Speaking about translation, is it intendet, that the colour of the background changes while scrolling down, or did sb forget to not scroll the background?


I’ve added / removed the i18n triggers for the listed levels. Doom Glade is going to be released soon as a real level when we extract it from the Auditions campaign. Attack Wisely will probably be published before too long, as it’s kind of a cool level. Sky Span is an old-style multiplayer arena that we beta tested but never fully released; eventually it will come back as a hero multiplayer arena.

@bmmtstb can you post a screenshot of what you mean by the color background change?


Color background change


Got it; will be live tomorrow:


Missing in i18n:
Level Mountain Mercenaries
Level Harrowland


Got 'em! I can’t believe how many of these I miss; there’s even a checklist and everything. I really need to fix the button that does it instead of using my workaround.


I am missing
Deadly Pursuit
Mad Maxer Sells Out

Dungeons of Kithgard Complete

Level Name
Riddling Kithmaze
Mad Maxer Strikes Back

Code Comments
Munchkin Harvest
Endangered Burl
Doom Glade
Unfair Support


OK, I think I made the correct patches necessary for those listed as “Done” below, but we need someone who can accept those i18n patches. (nick is away for a couple of days so we need someone else’s help)

[edit: I “crossed out” the ones that have been accepted/fixed.]

  • Level – I’m have no idea why these don’t show on the main i18n page but do for their own pages

  • Deadly Pursuit – Admin

  • Mad Maxer Sells Out – Admin

  • Achievement

  • Dungeons of Kithgard Complete - ??

    • The “You completed Dungeons of Kithgard!” achievement is called, “The Journey Begins”
  • Level Name

  • Riddling Kithmaze - Done

  • Mad Maxer Strikes Back - Done

  • Code Comments

  • Munchkin Harvest - Done

  • Endangered Burl - Done

  • Doom Glade - should be there

  • Unfair Support - should be there

  • Slalom - Done

The ones marked “Done” are submitted by “Vlevo” and have the commit comment of “Added i18n”.


Levels - these Levels are not in i18n
Deadly Pursuit
Mad Maxer Sells Out

Achievement Dungeons of Kithgard Complete is not in i18n

  1. Where are you seeing “Achievement Dungeons of Kithgard Complete”
    (iow, don’t “bite the hand that is trying to feed you”… (if that doesn’t make sense then reread my comment for this item in my previous post)

  2. then what is this?

and this:


I need Levels and Achievements to be here.


OK, now we are getting somewhere as per the “level” ones. Unfortunately, I can’t see anything that makes “Sells Out” different from the other "Mad Maxer"s… (I think those are going to take an admin. I changed them in my list post to “Admin”)

I take it you figured out the achievement one.



Yes, I found an admin-type (well, he found us) :smile:

Unfortunately, he is not sure why those two “levels” aren’t showing on the list either.

(I edited my “list” post to show what has been done and what is left . . . and now nothing is left.)