Questions about translating


They need the i18nCoverage attribute added to show up in the list. I fixed the “Populate i18n” button that shows up in the upper-right dropdown in the level editor, which adds this and the i18n attributes automatically now, so we can use that.


Defend the Garrison

Code Comments:
Attack Wisely !
Borrowed Sword
Noble Sacrifice


Got these ones now, too; thanks!


Code Comments:
Lost Viking


Yeah, our “fixed” Populate i18n button doesn’t seem to be adding those, so will keep our eyes out and add that field manually until we fix it. Let me know if we missed any other new levels with that.


What it means Specifically Covered and Generally Covered ?
Why are these levelComponents red ?
I translated Code Comments for Lost Viking but all my translation is lost. Lost Viking=Lost Translation :slight_smile:


Specifically Covered is whether the language you’re translating in has translated all the fields in the target document.

Generally Covered is whether any language in the same family (like zh-HANS and zh-HANT) has translated all the fields. It’s on my TODO list to not display “Generally Covered” for languages with only one language in the family, because it’s not any different from Specifically Covered.

It looks like Lost Viking has your translations properly in there now; not sure what happened.

I’m working on the bug with i18n coverage not updating properly for empty translations that don’t need doing here:


Here is not empty translation

Achievement Dungeons of Kithgard Complete is not in i18n

Leather Belt - not translated

How can I translate this Part ? (CodeCombat: Info for Teachers)


Not in i18n:

Overview body
Enemy mine
Illusory Interruption

Dungeons of Kithgard Complete

Code Comments
Vital Powers
Restless Dead

"Red problem"
Restless Dead
Lost Viking Complete
Sacred Statue
Vital Powers Survival Bonus
Vital Powers Gold Bonus
Poll - How old are you ?


Got the levels. Dungeons of Kithgard Complete is actually named “The Journey Begins” for legacy reasons. I don’t know what’s up with the red errors on those achievements, but your translations were saved. I have accepted the patch for the How Old Are You poll that you successfully submitted despite the error message.

I’ve added the VCS blurb to and have propagated it to and other files:


Not in i18n:
Goal Name:
Apocalypse [Got it, Thanks.]


Not in in i18n:
Code comment
Boom! and Bust [Got it, Thanks.]


How can I translate else and if/else in i18n ?

Update: should be available in i18n editor for Components now.


Help for Backwoods Ambush

Fence ? X marker ? Gems ? In this Level ?


Problem III:


Problem IV: Why not ?


Problem IV - solved THX

Problem V


Not in i18n:
Sarven Rescue
Goal Name: Bonus:Loot the Treasure Chest [Got it, Thanks!]


Not in i18n:
Sarven Savior
Overview and Overview body


There is already an issue open for “Problem III” in GitHub.
I’ve repopulated i18n in Sarven Savior, so it is now possible to translate Overview and Overview body.
I also opened an issue on GitHub for “Problem V”.