Quick Sacrifice - Questions

I will be glad to ask a few questions to the creator of the level https://codecombat.com/play/level/quick-sacrifice? :slight_smile:

(Be preloaded with your favorite hero and armor - the play button doesn’t work)

I respect your ingenuity and… mercy. I must say I didn’t see any option except blowing the peasants sky high, which I did feel very bad about.
I also don’t like the way it’s called Quick sacrifice, it’s like you don’t even think about it.
I don’t think the creator will be around here though unfortunately.

I’m not sure, but I think xython is saying that if you try to customize your hero, the ‘play’ button grays out…I see the same behavior.

Same. (20 characters)

I don’t like the aimless sacrifices and the level’s name either and you are right about the odd behavior of the play button. But the level can be improved by adding the goal to save the soldiers and restructuring the fences. I hope some old mate had created the level (@ducky, @SuperSmacker…) and he will show up :slight_smile:

A soul for a soul indeed…
Just checked who created the level. It seems to be someone with the username of “jangbaang”(Not sure who that is). It’s been left alone since March, so I’d just leave it alone.

I recognize his name from the leaderboards.

dudes that was me also why did this level i created in 30 mins go here like it was supposed to be something for commanding troops or something what happened to it also sry for reviving this old thread

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you have got the champion of halloween badge!

ye thats cuz i grinded in discord


@Lydia_Song remember, when the scores have tied the person with the most total(incl. duplicates) are ranked to the top.

Yeah, I know. I’m sad. :sob: