Red X 's under units

Lately when I make some code edits, I get big red X’s under the players. I try taking the playback to the beginning, but no matter what, I can’t get rid of it. When I click on them, it usually says something about can’t execute statements of undefined or something like that.

So I just reload the page, and all works perfectly, no X 's.

I’m sorry I can’t provide more detail ATM, but if this is a known issue, I won’t bother trying to reduce it to a minimally reproducible bug.

The red X’s are trying to indicate that there’s a problem in your code, but it sounds like you’re saying there may not be a problem, since reloading the page makes it go away. Can you post a screenshot of the error messages it’s giving, along with the code? Will be happy to dig deeper.

OK, I sent you the image and code in an email, and you can post any response here for the benefit of the community. Interestingly, even if I change the code back to exactly what it was, the x’s are still there, until I refresh the browser.

If it helps, in my code I am passing data via the say method from my base to some units. So possibly when I edit that data on the base, now the unit’s data does not have a valid reference. However, I would expect that scrubbing back to the beginning should fix it.

Perhaps the solution (short term) is a refresh button, that just loads the code again, and not “everything”. Because it’s getting somewhat frustrating that after every tiny edit, I have to refresh the page and go through the whole loading and building phase. It kills the realtime effect of the editor.