Ritic blink strat

Hi, i want to know how to use fatdecoy’s strat since i got ritic, thanks

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Uh, How is this Level Help? It would be off topic since you are asking for some strats.

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Ok changed it :slight_smile:


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Me and peter (mainly peter as he taught me) can help,

find when the enemy hero is near you and blink away to a coordinate via array, if you need more help, pm both me and peter.

OR just tp to random coord like I did in my vid of having fun with blink xdd

Guys, good new!
I made the blink strats using vector!
And i can beat fatdecoy in anycases!
Butt pls help me when i’m stuck again! :laughing:

What’s the problem?..

Maybe not working in the future

Screenshot, so we can see what you mean.

I can beat anyone now, but not okar

Fatdecoy’s strat works very well tho

Good thing

You should also use phaseshift when trying to kill okar. I remember one of my strats, phaseshift + blink + walk when blink cd + backstab + blink back whenever backstab is ready. Then just shadow vortex all while shooting at it. Also summon a paladin to heal you and tank for you. I don’t think okar is hard to win but I think it’s hard to kill due to 5k+hp

i tried it before, and so it didn’t work