Senick strat in dueling grounds

@Jesusismyking! 's strat works very well, can anyone tell me how to write the strat code?

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Peter, can you help, or riticmaster908, i know you two know how to do

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Umm, can anyone help?
Peter and riticmaster, can you help? Thanks

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alright first of all could maybe not make a whole new topic for something like this? you could ask in the epm(unless your not in it) or something but please don’t make a whole new topic here I clutters up the forum and most of us probably don’t even know who “jesusismyking” is much less know what his code is. however, they can help you make some code to beat him.


Can you help me tho?

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perhaps you could use heal and his high health to an advantage generally most rangers and wizards have low health so if you have a match up with a wizard or a ranger then dodge their shots and then shoot(or if you are facing a wizard then you can close the distance and start thwacking them at close range.) but if you are fighting a warrior then you can use vecoters to stay out of reach(use your speed)

whats his code?

what does he do?
Using heal spam + earthskin ring and invis ring, its a good combo