Ritic the cold demo video


I have tried searching it, where do you get to see him perform all his abilities and such? I seen it somewhere on codecombat before (I think when it was initially telling me about his release) but I can’t seem to find it anymore… I wanted to show a friend all the stuff he can do and why I was saving for him lol


Are you searching inside codecombat? If so, then there isn’t such video, but you could battle some high scored people inside backwoods brawl with ritic the cold, and they usually use all the abilities except phase-shift

If you’re looking inside youtube, then you could just search up codecombat ritic the cold and hopefully it would show ritic’s power

You could also look inside the scoreboard of different people playing and usually the high scored people would have ritic the cold. You could use a demo of it in that level.

Here’s a demo of ritic-the-cold inside sarven brawl click here

Sorry @Mr-Borges if you don’t approve of this


Hey there,

Yea it was on Code Combat, it was a video that popped up when I first registered. I will check the youtube video/s though, thank you Seojin =)