[THREAD] Every Single Crazy Theory About Code Combat

The title says it all, so placeholder description for now.


theory: Okar and Thoktar is somewhat related, as their name is similar.


Is this dead? (if it is, sorry) But I think Seojin_Roy_Lee is right.

Here is my theory: Ritic is death
The precision rifle’s description says that it once got rid of death’s left eye, and ritic’s left eye looks like it was destroyed BOOOOOM!

This is a dead topic please do not revive it. Also there is another topic about this @Not_a_User

Dude its not dead, unless you think 12 days is a millennium

12 days on earth is way more than a millenium in a black hole.

Lol, if you were in it, then how come you can type on your laptop?

I never said I was on it. I said it’s a millenium in a black hole, not that it’s a millenium for me.

Just telling you that 12 days of inactivity is not considered “dead”

okay okay okay okayyyy :C


maybe someone should get rid of the “[MEGATHREAD]” part, theres only 2 theories

I’ll edit it back to [MEGATHREAD] when there is lots of theories.