Ritic the cold level


Okay, for those of you who managed to do ritic the cold levels, I see that none of you managed to do dizziness yet. Is it that you can do other "ritic the cold " levels but you can do other ritic the cold levels?
P.S: I could see your scores at the scoreboard at dizziness. Which means I managed to finish it.
P.S.2: I hate my username but I don’t think I could change it.


What exactly are you asking. Please explain more


Here you should ask about Rictic in this topic


Maybe you don’t know because you didn’t do that level.


That was rude. I was just trying to help and most people would ask questions about Rictic on that particular topic


Sorry if I was rude. I was just saying. But do you happen to know any ritic the cold levels?
P.S: his name is Ritic, not Rictic.


Cool. Now, I have something to tell you. I don’t have Ritic yet but I do know things when you beat Ritic the cold levels. You earn exactly 333 gems per level and 999 xp. As for me, I don’t think that is enough gems and XP. I think I got carried away. Anyway, can you tell me how strong he is on other levels? Because I have some distance friends and they say that Ritic isn’t strong in other levels.


I really like Ritic’s abilities.


I think he is really OP in cavern survival because he can teleport and he can attack while all enemies are in his vortex.


This is a graph of weakness & strength of each class:
Weakness: Wizards
Strength: Rangers
Weakness: Warriors
Strength: Wizards
Weakness: Rangers
Strength: Warriors
Note: Not all cases this is true.


I finished all of the Ritic levels.


This is what Ritic looks like in inventory:
With armor:

Without anything on:


Oh, yeah. I know how OP shadow vortex is because there was a glitch and I somehow used his ability. He also looks creepy in the armour.


In what level did you use shadow vortex?


I did it in behind the darkness.

Okay, just so that you don’t get confused, I already did this level. As you can see here Tharin is using shadow vortex. For some unexplained reason, he is using it. Oh, yeah, I also know how to go to different worlds and levels without unlocking it.


How come you also finished the other Ritic levels?


Hello @Seojin_Roy_Lee,

If you could please elaborate on how you made Tharin use Ritic’s abilities, that would be great. Personally, I find it a bit odd - did you do this on a forked copy?



Just telling you, but I also find it weird that tharin used Ritic’s abilities. I didn’t make Tharin use Ritic’s abilities intentionally.


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