When do Ritic the cold's levels (such a hitman) come out?

When i got the the kelvintaph glaicer, i see those upcoming levels which make me wonder: when do they become avialable to adventuers like me? i know new levels are released every week, but hwo many weeks form now will those levels come out?

P.S. i looked into the thang editor on the day this i made this thread and saw that there were many “Tasks” left to do on ritic, making it feel so close, yet so far away.

P.P.S. later that day, i was snooping around in the thang editor and noticed that someone had made the “shiver” which is a ranger weapons, i’m guessing it my be awarded by one of ritic’s levels. I’m also hoping that seeing the shiver means ritic is getting closer

P.P.P.S. Ritic is already on the heroes menu, sure, but he is unarguably overpriced currently, i wouldn’t be suprised if the outrageous cost is to render Ritic unaccesable until he is ready to be released, similarly to the level 66 items on the items menu.

P.P.P.P.S. don’t mind the could-be-better spelling. either way, this is a lot of post scripts, right?


It already states that Ritic grew up from Kelvintaph and that his heart was “cold” blooded, confirming he will be unlocked in glacier.


i already knew that he would come out in glacier (judging by his
description and those upcoming levels in the glacier). so what you said
does not necessarily answer my question.


Um… I kind of bought Ritic already…

He was still 29000 gems

It wasn’t unlocked at the time