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Cheat in In My Name


So I was playing In My Name today and discovered that I could take flags with me and say things without getting roasted until my bones were charred, so I thought, Hmm, looks like a possible cheat strategy, and decided to rewire my code. Now I can just say Thoktar’s name and use flags to move to the right spot. It’s a fun cheat, but I don’t think that levels should have any loopholes in them, so if anyone could fix the cheat…that’d be great :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree with you. If it was up to me I’d ban flags on a lot of levels.

Then again, we are only going to learn as much as we want to. Even with banned flags people could cheat by copying someone else’s code or by hard coding a guess and submitting over and over til they get lucky :wink:

The spirit of the level is to parse a string. Creative solutions are awesome, but I think being able to avoid the spirit of the level is not so awesome. :slight_smile: