Sandstorm Blitz question

hi uh, im new here, i was playing sandstorm blitz when I saw my enemy had this powerup on their driver? This is probably a very stupid question but I can’t for the life of me figure out ;-;
Screen Shot 2022-08-06 at 9.43.48 PM

The blue boot on the driver is the boost
The fire on the driver is also the hot powerup

The boost power up makes your units faster
and the hot powerup increases the range of the first unit in your lane to 3 point shots!!

you can use:'boost', LaneNumber)'hot', LaneNumber)

Hope this helps!!



ohh, so boost also gives the effect thingy, thanks alot!

Also, unrelated question, how is this dude so much bigger than mine? I already played golaith.

He played goliath maybe (2 or more times on this monster)

It’s actually because he spawned with higher health. You have three "big"s and they all have different starting healths.

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so is this a random thing? or can we control it

the first one you spawn has max, second one has like x0.75, idk too lazy to check, and third has like x0.5 (again, too lazy to check ;-;)

interesting, what do you mean by the first one? as in first one of the entire match? or first one in like a few seconds?

nvm, im dumb i didnt check the hints ;-;

5 hrs of studying the no.1’s strat is turning my brain into mush

you have 3 of each unit to summon at the start, so the first one you summon has the most health, then second and third as I said, and if one of them dies, you can summon another with the same health, and if you wait until all of them die, then you can summon all of them just like at the start

take a break owo

yea i saw it in hints just now

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maybe :sweat_smile:, everytime i take my eye off it for a day i drop by like 2 spots, and im 21st rn so i dont fancy dropping to like 1023. code combat tryhards are not letting me ._.