What should I save for now?

I got Enameled Dragonplate. What now?

  • Undying Charm
  • Sword of the Forgotten
  • Potion Belt
  • King’s Ring
  • Korath’s Promise
  • Forgotten Bronze Ring
  • Save for future items
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Can you tell me why you think that?
@A.Lee452 @lukas31 @k_k_javascript @Jason_king_lin @MarmiteOnToast

Oh. Undying Charm is Undying Ring.

im just super biased since its my favourite weapon

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The Sword of the Forgotten has the best dps + damage of all the swords, plus it looks cool


I chose something random ;-;

yeah coolest looking item imo

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Can you tell me why you think that?
@PeterPalov @AlexPro

I personally like the sword of temple guard better than the sword of forgotten because it has powerup. And korath’s promise is a strong aoe ring

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I don’t think the power-up is very good, but I’d rather buy something else than a sword. That’s because the difference in dps isn’t that much, but the temple guard’s sword is almost twice as fast. Also, I calculated it and it seems like dps isn’t everything. For example, the temple guard’s sword is better for defeating headhunters (one of my least favorite enemies) or chieftains.

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Still, I’ll think about swords too.

Yeah that’s what I think too.
I would recommend you buy a ring or smth else

I think the same as @PeterPalov, it looks pretty nice to me.