Showing links to video's of successful lvl's but don't show the code

i wan’t to show people what results look like

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click here for the lvl in sarven desert “the trials” i hope i didn’t show the code if i did it was an accident

enjoy watching! (I hope this doesn’t give away answers)

You’ve saved these to a Google drive, but not granted access…

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I think it should work now i will try the trials again

can you see it now @dedreous ?

Still doesn’t work for me…

oh …why not what happens?

well how should i do it?

I’m afraid I’m not very experienced with google drive. Maybe try googling it?

how do you google it?

this should work

I am very experienced with google drive, my teachers forced us to “organize” ourselves

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does it work though?

yeah it does (20chars)

you like it?(20 chars)

yeah(20 doritos/characters)

You deleted the video file so we can’t watch anything :sob:

true. and I just realized how much long range glasses helped (without the video)