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Simulation problem

So I was wondering about how long do you guys have to simulate to get the rewards because for me the formula for getting reward for simulating is;

Simulations to get reward= previous simulation to get reward*2

And so I’m wondering for other people this is the formula for them.
Note: this formula may vary on people CPU speed so if you manage to find something different, please post it here.
Best, @Chaboi_3000

i have something so wired, i simulated nearly 19 thousand games, but in the achievement i only have 6 thousand.
here are some screenshots.

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i think they have a problem in counting simulations, i tried the sound button trick but it didn’t work, and i played a lot of levels and it didn’t update

Maybe C.C wants to make the server steady so they chose a formula for that. It would be crazy if code combat server can manage over a super-computer.

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Send me your CodeCombat username (in a private direct message) and I’ll look into this for you.

I don’t think there is a formula for that. I’m pretty sure you get the reward update whenever the user object updates. So, if you keep toggling the sound button enough, you should update it. By itself, maybe when you complete a level.

don’t worry, it finally updated, but that’s only because i played some levels, and the sound button trick didn’t work, so maybe you should make a save simulation button or something to make it easier to save simulations

I am also having the same problem @maka . Can you look into the problem for me too? I just don’t know how to send in a private email.

Hi guys,
This is a problem with all simulations at this time. We will correct the issue, but there are bigger issues for us to work with at the moment.

When we do fix it, it will retroactively give you the correct amount of gems.

Sorry about the delay, everyone.



Is there still a problem with the simulating of games. One point it said I had simulated over 600 and now its back to in the 300’s plus my gems haven’t been increased at all. I realize that it still wouldn’t be a huge jump in gems but I should have noticed something by now.

I would keep simulating but also wouldn’t count on this being fixed any time soon. Simulations are not a high priority. Eventually, you should receive the appropriate gems and XP points.


its been 2 years and i still haven’t gotten my gems lol


Hi! I had the same issue) Try to pass a couple of levels from here A fun blast from the past!

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@codeluggage mind if you investigate? I believe there isn’t an easy solution here, but it’ll help if you could update us on what’s the issue behind broken simulation updates.


I have simulated more than 40000 games, but it says, that I have simulated only 130 games!