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Simulate not working

I’m on Chromebook and the volume button trick does not work for me and can not complete the next level clash of clones so I am trying to get gems from simulate and the achievement does not even show up on

How many have you simulated? It will take quite a few for the achievement to turn up.

and counting (20) charecters

and counting (20) charecters

wait for around 1000 don’t worry it’s quick

@avery_witte you can check out this link if your still confused about how it works. When you simulate games is there a fixed amount of gems and XP you can get from it?


yeah thats what I am doing right now I am so close 896 and counting

I got 1001 and it don’t see the achievement

does anyone know why

I’ve got 200,000 games simulated, but my last achievement was for 75,000. It will take a while, and a trick I’ve heard mentioned is to complete another level. Then the achievement might load.
Try that.

That’s right Danny…finish 1, maybe 2-3, levels and it should trigger. Last time I looked, I had over a million sims and the payout was quite nice…had to trigger it with a new lvl completion tho.

Check out this link if you want to complete some levels, without breaking your current progress in the campaign:


Accutal I just got it yesterday after completing a replayable level

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