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Skipping Forest?


So, I was just wondering what everyone else thought. When you first start the game, it gives you the option to skip the Kilthgard Dungeon if you have already learned that information, am I the only one who feels it should be the same way for Backwoods Forest? It is pretty basic coding, and is a bit of a pest when you already know the language and restarted. Just a suggestion.


I’d love to have a level for skipping past the forest, but I fear that skipping both the dungeon and forest maps would cause the player to have pathetic gear for the levels that they skipped to.


Im just guessing from this post.

They most likly make you play all the levels because of what you unlock in the forest. Which consists of some items you very well might need for the desert. Plus they also have heros to unlock. They probably dont want paid members accidently missing a hero to unlock.


I understand both of these concerns, however there are ways around them of course, simply adding all the items to be granted by the level, also adding the gems, so they are all awarded upon completion of the level, yet cannot be awarded twice by simply replaying all the levels to get extra gems. As for paying members, i’m not exactly sure how that one would work, as I said, it was a suggestion, wanted to get others opinions about it.


Well, you can do this by joining a clan with someone that is stuck on a level, so you can enter the level, but you can’t really do anything else other than do that level. I’m not really sure if you can go forward than that level…