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Skull crown A1 double hit fail

My Skullcrown only does a double hit sometimes to enemies with more than half their hp. I believe this started happening after I upgraded a mastery for her involving her first hit. I’ve sent them pictures and multiple emails regarding this. Finally I was given an answer from Oleg in customer support saying after the first hit, if the enemy has more than half their hp, it’s a double hit. I have numerous pics proving otherwise nor is it in her skill description that AFTER the first hit she will do a double, yet he said I’m wrong and will not look in to the issue. I really like this game but that customer service was pathetic especially since I have pics showing her double hitting only some of the enemies on the first hit. Anyone else have this issue?

First welcome to Codecombat forums @Bryanjame! Please review this page for our community guidelines if you have not already…

Thank you for your feedback related to this level. Remember that CodeCombat Customer Service is doing the best they can to help everyone. Please try to understand and not dog them with name calling.

Can you please restate the level you are having trouble with? Also please post your code related to this level…


Is this site directly affiliated with the game? If so, I didn’t know that. I don’t think I called them a name aside from rating the level of service pathetic. It also wasn’t here I got the reply, it was through a support chat in the game after getting automated replies for over a week.

It’s not a level I’m having an issue with, it’s a characters A1 skill.

I understand your frustration…
Yes this site is directly involved with the game. Can you send a screenshot of your problem?

I do not recall Oleg in the support team. Oleg in our team is a designer, not a support specialist. Perhaps you are mixing up a different game with CodeCombat?

What do you mean by a skull crown? Can you share a picture here?

What do you mean by A1 Skill? Are you sure you’re not mixing it up?

I am indeed on the wrong discussion page…I’m so sorry for the confusion. The game I’m playing is Raid: Shadow Legend.

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Yep, you’re in the wrong forum. This forum is for CodeCombat, not Shadow Legend.

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I recommend asking the subreddit for Shadow Legends: