[SOLVED] Can't exit student mode

I can’t exit student mode though I’m not in a class.

Why are you in student mode? @Coder3 ?

Cuz I accidentally opened an old school link that I used to join class.

And I was removed from the class from my former teacher(years ago).

Have you exit student mode @Coder3 ?

Not yet, waiting for a mod/admin to reply.

Should I pick Illia?

I’m male, I’m wanted to pick Okar first but Illia is better.

Try to “sign out” @Coder3

idk to pick which?

Signing in and out wont work.

do you want to get out of student mode @Coder3 ?

Yes, ofc yes! but I want to pick a good warrior hero first.

Illia or Okar? Which is better? Illia is female but is stronger, Okar is good and male. Idk which to choose.

Try okar @Coder3 he is a good hero

Illia better. Did u use illia b4?

Okar is stronger @Coder3

no I use okar Instead @Coder3

Bruh, Okar is cheap. Okar is really good. But Illia is better.

maybe try to ask @Chaboi_3000 to get out of student mode @Coder3