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[SOLVED] Found level 66 item

I was going through codecombat again and refreshing my memory on an anonymous account, when in the Sarven Desert, on the level, “Operation Killdeer,” I found the Amber sense stone on the menu. I realized this right after I bought the other sense stone because it was required. It said the price was 2100 gems. I hadn’t remembered that item being there, and when I looked at items shop, I saw the image of the stone under level 66. When I opened the level menu again, it was gone. I think if you haven’t bought a sense stone yet, you can buy one in that level. I’m sorry I couldn’t take a screenshot, but is it possible this could be fixed?

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nevermind. I managed to get a screenshot by copying the link to the level.

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Ya, it does that. It’s really just intended though.


Is this stone meant to be level 66? Or was it accidentally put under level 66? It says that item is required, so someone could just buy it without realizing it’s level 66.Screenshot%20(4)

I’ll find a way to fix it. Thanks

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