(SOLVED) Simulation Problems

actually, simulations only give a little bit of gems, i have simulated over 19000 games and i only got 1000 gems, it looks like you didn’t understand exactly how simulation rewards work (don’t worry, i didn’t understand it at the first time, too), the equation for rewards is 20*(simulations^0.4), but you get the difference only, in other words, if you simulated 1000 games for example, which equals to 316 gems, then you simulated 100 more games, which means that the total is 1100, which means 329 gems, you will only get 329-316 = 13 gems for that extra 100 simulations

ok, Thanks. I think I get it now! But still, some gems would have helped.

so right now i have 19696 simulations, which equals to 1044 gems, if i would simulate until i reach a total of 40000 simulations, which equals to 1386 gems, i will only get 1386 - 1044 = 342 extra gems.

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not really, you had only 602 simulations, which equals to 258 gems

oh… wow. thats not a lot actually.

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no it isn’t normal, my simulations takes from 3 to 15 seconds, maybe 20 seconds at most, maybe because i have 8 gigabytes of ram and a core i5 7th gen

yeah, and if you want to buy the enameled dragon plate helmet, which is the most expensive thing a non-subscriber can buy (it costs 6600 gems), you will need a total of 1,978,267 simulations (nearly 2 million) to get 6600 gems to buy it

hmm. That’s not a lot, actually! XD
Simulation is just not the way to go to earn gems. Gems are useless in the end if you’re a non-subscriber (like me)
i have 43k gems with nothing to do with them :stuck_out_tongue:


Already bought all the best of best stuff, whether its flags, armor, sword, shield, etc.

i know, i have nearly 24000 gems and i am not subscribed, so they are useless, but i didn’t buy the most expensive shield and helmet because they are useless, they have a really low health to cost ratio

i know, but nick described simulations as a way to get a piece of gear that you need

Simulating kills your computer. NOT COOL! :frowning:


It does? What experience do you have with that? I’ve ran simulations on multiple computers using my account for over a year and now they’re running on my daughter’s account for almost a year. Yes, they run hot and use a lot of processor power, but none of the computers have been harmed by doing it. They are just happily simulating away, day and night.

So I checked the next day for my achievements and it worked! :grinning: Thanks for your help and time everyone!

That means the computer’s fan has to work overtime. Eventually, simulation kills the fans.

Unless you have a supercomputer that’s cooled by water then goes through a ginormous refrigerator and circulates out again.

in over 2 years and 75 million simulations (my daughter’s and mine added together), I’ve yet to see that happen.

What computers do you use? I bought mine at the dollar store

dollar store, really :smile:

yes. Well, technically they just gave it to me. They were changing their computers. So I got to keep their old computer. :smiley:

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