(SOLVED) Simulation Problems


It does? What experience do you have with that? I’ve ran simulations on multiple computers using my account for over a year and now they’re running on my daughter’s account for almost a year. Yes, they run hot and use a lot of processor power, but none of the computers have been harmed by doing it. They are just happily simulating away, day and night.


So I checked the next day for my achievements and it worked! :grinning: Thanks for your help and time everyone!


That means the computer’s fan has to work overtime. Eventually, simulation kills the fans.


Unless you have a supercomputer that’s cooled by water then goes through a ginormous refrigerator and circulates out again.


in over 2 years and 75 million simulations (my daughter’s and mine added together), I’ve yet to see that happen.


What computers do you use? I bought mine at the dollar store


dollar store, really :smile:


yes. Well, technically they just gave it to me. They were changing their computers. So I got to keep their old computer. :smiley: