[SOLVED] The Second Kithmaze Reward Question


I have completed this level and it says that I unlocked ¨Ninja¨ but I never got him. If someone has aready posted about this can someone direct me to it, if not can someone help?


Are you a subscriber because you oly get her if you are a subscriber


No, but if I am not a subscriber how can I do this level


Also I have a pet, I don´t know how but I do.


Same with my unsubscribed account. You are lucky like me :smile:


Well i don’t know. Hmmm try other levels like this


I also have gear I can´t afford but it just appered


Ok to your second comment


This level is the one where subscribers can unlock Amara. But you can only get her if you have subscribed to codecombat,


:thinking: ok that makes sense