Sprite/Graphics Bug?

Recently over the last 10 levels, I’ve noticed that the legs of the characters aren’t lined up right. Or for example, this burl’s looks like a Picasso painting:

Any idea how to fix?

Same here. I was making a level in game dev 3 and this happened. @MunkeyShynes or @maka do you know what is wrong?

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The only teams that work are neutral and made up teams like player.team = “This is weird” then it works the heroes on the ogre or human teams are glitched

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It’s happening when I load that level as well. Please post a list of the levels where you’ve seen this. This type of thing needs to be posted in github.

All of the game dev 1 2 and 3

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All of the levels! Oh no!

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I’m only seeing it with the larger sprites (brawlers, sand-yaks, etc.). Is anyone seeing this in any other sprites?

Look closely at the soldiers in the screenshot. They are having graphic problems too.

You’re right. They were just too small for me to notice. Thanks.

The sprite for the Samurai is wrong too.

Okay, this has been submitted to github with a link to this thread.

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The sprite bug doesn’t seem to appear when a user isn’t logged in. The characters look fine when you’re playing anonymous.

maybe there is a bug inside everyone’s account.

Correction: Everyone’s account. :frowning:

no nalfar is gone!

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He kind of looks like the reaper or something

Doesn’t happen to me :wink:

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The same problem happened to me today. Headless Nalfar, funny skeletons, soldiers, ogres… Almost everyone feel bad :frowning:

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Does anyone here have done kitagard mastery. It lets you skip to the forest world. Its hidden but for low levels it gives an insane amount of gems and xp. Around 500 gems and xp. i just finished it. It was pretty easy

It’s not hidden… (20 chars)