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Stuck in a class

Hi @stephanie , can you please convert my account thortol and my friend’s account InfinityTwo back to campaign mode? Thank you in advance.

@thortol I have de-studented your account. :white_check_mark:

Can your friend message in with their request?

Hi @stephanie, i have the same problem as the other people here. Could you please switch my account (CodeMachine1337) back to an individual account? Thanks in advance!

my username is dilam4a2

@CodeMachine1337 and @tuyen_nguyen your accounts have been switched back to individual accounts. You should now be able to access the home version. :white_check_mark:


@stephanie May you change my account to a campaign one? My username name is SirKingst. Thank you so much for your time.

help me my username is yenemma123

@Support we have some requests here :slight_smile:

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@Kingst and @Niogra_Craft your accounts are now in campaign mode. :white_check_mark: