Students can see others' progress

Is there a way to prevent students from seeing everyone else’s progress when enrolled in a course? They enrolled in the Introduction To Computer Science course via the “link to join course” I gave them, but they all have the ability to click on Class Progress and see how far other students in the class are.

You would have to have them on separate accounts, and not be joined together in a private clan. If they were in a public clan, they wouldn’t be able to see each other’s progress, but anyone would be able to join it. That is the only solution I can think of though.

Actually, they’re not in any clan, public or private, they are only enrolled in the course. If I made a public clan, I don’t know of a way for them to be also enrolled in the course.

I’m not sure then. I hope you figure it out. Good luck :grin:

We’ll soon be adding an option to hide overall class progress from students. This would still show all progress to the teacher, but students would only see there individual progress.


It would make sense to make a public clan for example 2_grade_class_3 even though people enter the clan it is unusual.