"The Trials"- Strategy


Just beat the The Trials. That was crazy. Beat it with Tharin with about 2100 health, great sword, and shield striker. More challenge levels like this please.I feel I could done it with fewer lines of code but I am still young in python. (101 lines)


I’m not a subscriber and I have over 1000 health with a great sword.


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Using the boss star that you get later on helps a lot by giving a much needed boost to health and damage.
I managed to pass all the trials and reach the oracle in my last attempt but my longsword was not strong enough.


I got to the oracle of zha, then I failed to get to the oracle in time to kill him. I don’t think I have enough health.Is there a recommandation to what other equipment I should use in terms of armor?


I beat it with tharin too, worn dragon helmet and shield, steel breastplate, andthe kithsteel blade. here is my 7 line solution:

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Btw, I haven’t finished the desert yet, and i don’t have a membership, so idk if is really meant for people who finished the whole campaign.


Look me up on the leaderboard, I think I am there.


I couldn’t beat it, so I decided to skip and move on the Cloudrip Mountain till I finally got 6200 gems and bought the armor. Man that enameled dragon armor really upgraded me to the next level. I moved on from only 1400 defense (pretty weak stuff I got before) to 3029 defense. Key: Health is the most important in this round as you cannot survive with health less than 500. Also, an easy way to venture around and kill each encampment is to use flags and finally get to boss that way.


I think I beated it with trash armor, but an OP sword. That’s all it takes… (the sword technically isn’t even op. just the kithsteel blade with extra reach)

Did it in 5 LoC, no flags.


Or you could do it with Nalfar, which would work too.


ya. cast sacrifice is op. if you have boss star IV and u kept spawning soldiers, u can keep sacrificing them until u have like 10k health (even more than Okar at max armor :scream:)


Yup, pretty much. If you have the staff that summons burls, and the undead book V, you are literally invincible, just cast sacrifice like crazy, it takes like 10 chieftains to kill you then, which is impossible.


someone debuff Nalfar the necromancer…


Nah, that would be way too overpowered, not to mention Nalfar can already go up to 10k health in sarven brawl.



not buff.

debuff = make Nalfar less OP. buff = make Nalfar more op.


so basically you can’t lose in sarven brawl?


By the way, I’m pretty sure in gaming terms, nerf is a way to say debuff.


i never use nerf because my irl friends always take out a nerf gun and shoot the thing that was supposed to get debuffed on the screen.