Tips and tricks for dueling grounds welcome!

But no decoys. Okay.

no pet for me either
BTW i have 4999 health is that ok???

no invis for me either

Uhhh… Sure? I dunno.

Ok gtg for a little bit. bye

invis mean no invisibility
also i use okar but no stomp

trust me my red code using decoys is VERY hard

Sad that you decked-out on only one type of hero, if you hadn’t, you could’ve used Hushbaum, summonBurl, and other very useful spells

ummm he could of been a non sub:)

I am a sub, I am back, just had to eat dinner.

are you liftime sub or month of year?

Hushbaum dosn’t have a lot of health…

than use omarn hes pretty good

Month, So far. I might go lifetime…

lifetime/yearly gives you a whopping 43K GEMS!!!

OH DANG! how much does it cost.

99.99$ so its um you know expensive

I might… probably not… But maybe!

Where is the basic “training” link?

it may be a bit hard

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