Tips and tricks for dueling grounds welcome!

Ok then I will tell you if it is.

Nah pretty easy. Your red one is harder.

duh i dont use decoys in my blue

Uhhh… How come on dueling grounds it only shows programation book 2 (I have book 4) and a bunch of other stuff that I had when I did forest…

Maybe you didn’t equip them.

try hitting change hero and click on my link again

How do I do that. On the actual levels my stuff is strong…

Can you be blue? me stuff in red is updated…

I am in blue lol dont u mean red cuz my red is OP

Oh yah. When I click on the link though…

I am so confused.I cant even start yet bc I have trash stuff.

When I click on the link.

Are you a subscriber? What hero do you want to use here?

I am a sub, I have Alejandro.

If you are a subscriber, what other heroes do you have?

I really haven’t bought any…

Using gems. I spent all on op armour.

i would also love the help. I do know loops are good until you see the massive ogre.

My main problem is when I click on a fight like, my stuff isn’t updated.

change the stuff in your inventory and pick the book you want to use.
I have just thought up a smarrt idea, using the hammer, make a box around you.