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HELP Flowey… :sob: :sob: flowey kinda scared me tbh

bro wrote a essay on this

yes i am a nerd :+1: lol

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i was always able to post, i didnt get suspended lol

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Hey @Lemonlikeslimes I’ve got a question. I’ve been playing earthbound and have been hesitant to buy itrms that are consumable , sleep in hotels,and use pay phone because ik worried about spending all my i need to worry about that?cuz it takes a long time to get back to ness,'s house

honestly, when it comes to items, buying is rlly good because just calling your dad to save gets you money, but i reccomend heavily relying on present boxes as well, dont be shy to spend some money, But i reccoment buying more PP reliant items, because Lifeup and Healing will be a huge help.

What about pay phones and hotels should I avoid them or is it fine to use them

pay phones are alright, only use hotels for emegencies, so not often.

so its worth it to walk all the way back home or just use healing items / psi

always rely on healing items and psi

at some point, you do get the ability to teleport, so keep note on that.

oh you do how much psi does it take?

there are 2 different types of Psy teleports, teleport alpha and beta.
alpha takes 2, and beta takes 8.
the only difference between the two is that Teleport alpha requires a large running start area, while psi teleport beta needs a small area to run in a circle.

can you teleport anywhere or just specific places?