Topic for Hades (The Game)

any1 know who this giga chad is?

If it was on Game Pass i’d play it since it looks really good.
It got taken off ages ago tho if it’s on sale at some point then I’ll give it a go

I got it for christmas and have so far only escaped 4 times. My highest heat escape is only 1. For those who play, favorite weapon?

  • Stygius, the Stygian Blade
  • Varatha, the Eternal Spear
  • Aegis, the Shield of Chaos
  • Malphon, the Twin Fists
  • Coronacht, the Heart-Seeking Bow
  • Exagryph, the Adamant Rail

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I also wanna know people’s favorite aspects, so comment on those, too. I personally prefer the shield and fists, with aspect of Zeus and Talos respectively.

fists with talos best + artemis and aphro

I have escaped so many times. I beat the game. I love it. Try God-Mode tho.

just got my first 9 heat run!!!

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bro u gotta try trippy flare + shield beowulf (spoiler: OVER 3000 DAMAGE WITH RIGHT SETUP)

Favorite character? def alecto. “TraSh GoD”