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Hi guys! We all came here to learn how to code, right? But where do we go to build something out of what we have learnt? Python code development needs what is called an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Examples include

and others. You can also use code editor like (my personal favourite and suitable for beginners) Visual Studio Code:

In the future, wherever you want to apply you programming skills, you will need one of these. I suggest VS Code as it is lightweight for your computer and easy for beginners. All you need to do is follow the installation steps, making sure that you add it to your PATH variable so that you can find it easily. For Python, you will need to install an extension that will help you type Python code into the editor. A step-by-step guide is available in the website here:

I hope you make good use of this in the future of your development and that you choose wisely when it comes to your future careers!

Elijah :lion:

Note: You can ask @nick, @Chaboi_3000, or myself @FalconX11_312 for help and any questions


I already use one of these and it is really helpful wanna work on a game with me? are you any good at it?

@FalconX11_312 sorry for got the @ to mention you lol

I use,
PyCharm for Python.
IntelliJ for Java.
VisualStudio for C#.

Will definitely look into those!

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@Chaboi_3000 PyCharm is good I agree with that choice there bud. :+1:

I code Python on IDLE.

@PeterPalov Do you make games? If so what language do you use?

I code on Python. What games do you mean?

He’s asking whether you make computer games using programming.

Dima and I wrote a chat bot who plays some games with you.

So like a Discord Bot?

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Something like that.