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i created this topic so i could ask a question. ok so i dropped my phone in a bath a few hours ago i didn’t do anything to remedy just took it out put it in a towel to dry it off and continued using it right now it is still fine. is their any concern that it could break later on or is it fine?

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if your phone was iPhone 12 or above, then it can survive for up to 30 minutes in 18-foot-deep water. if your phone was below the 12, it can handle splashes, but not really submergence.
so you dropped your phone a few hours ago, just don’t charge it for at least 5 hours, otherwise that could cause permanent damage to the battery. and liquid damage isn’t covered under warranty

its not a iphone also it been like 5 or 6 hours and its still fine. although i did charge it like a hour ago

(20 charsssss)

yea its kinda old it called a “motarola g stylus”

how old? do you know what version? (7, 8, 9, etc)

no i do not and i don’t know the passwrod to it so i can’t check

It has a “water-repellent coating”. Repellent isn’t resistant, but a few seconds in a bath for a phone like that shouldn’t be a problem.

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i though it was fine but my mom was worried which made me a bit worried

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If you charged it and everything is working fine, I don’t think there’ll be an issue. If you’re still concerned, try turning it off (completely, not just the screen) and leaving it to dry for a while.

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yea the only issue was that the sound was a bit weird for a few minutes but now its back to normal

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why do you just have a bath full of water?

i was using my phone while taking a bath

Why :skull:

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because i was taking a bath and how do i watch youtube in the bath without my phone

Your not supposed to :skull:

but then i get borred

then take a shower?


but why would i do that?