Translated line comments not appearing in German

Hi all,

new here and started translated some gaps into German. I realize that very often line comments
are not shown translated although that appear translated on the translation pages!?
Is this a bug or why does it happen?


Hi Haifischfutter,

The problem with the comment lines is very often, because comment lines are generated once by starting the level and then saved with the code. That means, you have to restart the level from zero, to see the translated comments apear ingame.
You also should use, because this site does NOT use cashing, resulting i a bit longer time to load and all uploaded changes showed directly.
Achievment texts (The message that you see when you win a level) will NOT be updated if you already won the level before the translation came out (from what i know, i do not guarantee it).

Maybe you already solved the problem or don’t care anymore, but a lot of people (including me) have or had problems with this at the beginning.